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1 Can 2 Can Slot

1 Can 2 Can

1 Can 2 Can

Enjoy an explosion of colour and wonderful sound effects on 1 Can 2 Can slots! Surround yourself by the rare animals of the tropical rainforest!


1 Can 2 Can

  • Progressive Jackpots
  • Sticky Wilds
  • 5 reels 25 paylines

Did you know toucans can live up to 20 years? 1 Can 2 Can is a slot game based off the amazing long beaked bird. The game consists of 5-reels and 25 paylines, and two Toucans that will fly across your reels to create high winning potentials. The explosion of colours and uplifting sounds are the great things that make this slot game appealing to play. 1 Can 2 Can is also a progressive jackpot slot that enables you to win huge payouts on any gameplay!