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American Live Roulette

American Live Roulette

American Live Roulette

Around the 18th century, New Orleans was the gambling capital of the south of USA, in New Orleans. The game of roulette received a cold welcoming as casino operators did not agree on the low house edge European Roulette offered. Then, American Roulette was born.

American Live Roulette adds extra excitement with the double zero variant. The roulette wheel does not consist of only 0, 1- 36 but 00. The five-bet feature is something new, and this allows you to make a sole bet of five numbers all at once.

Top Features
  • Five Bet
  • Live Streaming
  • Live Dealers

How to Play

Pick out your desired stakes and place it on the colour and table bet you would like to gamble on. Once you’re done, the live dealer will set the amount of chips on the table. What you can benefit from is that, on this kind of roulette game, you get to place as much bets as you like.

Bet Levels: No bet levels present.

Amount of Paylines Selection: Bets are placed on the roulette table.

Coin Values: Chip values are set in the Bet Field.