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American Roulette - NetEnt

American Roulette - NetEnt

American Roulette - NetEnt

You might have had a glimpse of contemporary Roulette Games, but did you know that there is a roulette variation known as American Roulette? This truly remarkable and fantastic table game by NetEnt is not like the other variants. It demonstrates high-quality visuals, user-friendly options and a realistic gameplay to make you feel like a real punter. How about giving it a try? There are great chances that you will crave for more!

Top Features
  • Double Zero
  • Standard Betting Options
  • Racetrack Bets

How to Play

Even if American Roulette has something in extra, its rules are generally the same. The game starts with players attempting their stakes. These are placed on numbers or range of numbers. Once all players have completed the bets, a roulette ball is hurled into the roulette wheel which will land in a numbered pocket after spinning. That specific number is the winner. Awesome, right? If you wagered on that number, you might be awarded some pay outs! How about we check the bets for American Roulette?

Bet Levels: American Roulette does not feature any Bet Levels.

Amount of Paylines Selection: American Roulette is a table game and as such, there are no pay lines to select.

Coin Values: You can choose from a minimum of 0.10 up to a maximum of 1000.00 as chip values. Of course, feel free to adjust the bets as per your likings at any time.

Bonus Rounds

Double Zero
It’s only on American Roulette that you can find Double Zeros. The Double Zero was an attempt to increase the house edge and it ended up as one good point for players to cherish. Everyone loved it, making American Roulette one of the best variant of Roulette.

Standard Betting Options
You are offered the Standard Betting Options on American Roulette. These include Inside Bets like Straight, Split, Three, Top Line, Six Line, Corner and Outside Bets like Even or Odds, Red or Black and Dozens, Columns.

Racetrack Bets
You must have noticed that the way numbers are arranged on the Roulette Wheel is not the same on the betting mat. As such, the Racetrack Bet is useful. This option displays the numbers as they are presented onto the Wheel and allows you to set bets more accurately.

Who is ready for American Roulette? Good luck!