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Cosmic Candy Heist Slot

Cosmic Candy Heist Slot

Cosmic Candy Heist Slot

Attention! The aliens are invading, and they are after the greatest stock of candies on Cosmic Candy Heist Slot. Created by Pariplay, this game provider made sure to make this delightful slot game so sweet and delicious. Even the aliens want to have it! Be prepared to defend the slot game along with two of our special agents. Thanks to Wicked Jackpots, one of the best casino sites of the UK, this message is getting through to you. Agent! Your help is requested. Are you ready to assist? There are some special surprises for you as well on this grandiose slot game.

Top Features
  • Rockets & Tokens
  • Mystery Box & Multipliers Feature
  • Power-Ups

How to Play

To begin the quest, you’ll need to get onto your account at Wicked Jackpots. Feel free to access the game through your mobile, tablet or desktop device. Once you’re in, set your stakes and poof! You’re good to go! All you need to do is line three or more matching candies to have them removed from the reels by swiping left, right, up or down. For each round, you have 60 seconds to play. After that, you decide… to continue to play or cash out your wins.

Bet Levels: There are no Bet Levels on Cosmic Candy Heist Slot.

Amount of Paylines Selection: Cosmic Candy Heist Slot does not use Pay lines to determine wins. You will need to line three or more matching candies through swipes.

Coin Values: At the beginning of each round, you are allowed to choose your stakes. From a minimum of £1 up to a maximum of £250 can be selected.

Bonus Rounds

Rockets & Tokens
Throughout your gameplay, you will notice that popping Rockets and Tokens symbols might appear. If you manage to create a winning combination on the location of the Tokens and Rockets, you obtain them! They are used to activate the special features.

Mystery Box & Multipliers Feature
You gain multipliers as you obtain Rockets. As rockets seep in, the meter next to the reels will be filled, awarding the multiplier that it passes through. 8 Rockets award up to 25x multiplier.

In the event you exceed 8 rockets, you activate the Mystery Box Feature. You get to pick a box from your screen. Mystery Boxes can reward you with 250x multipliers as well.

Power Ups
Tokens are used to purchase powerups. There are three power-ups available and each of them come with a different price;
  • 3 Tokens: Monster Bite – Clears a row of candies.
  • 5 Tokens: Cherry Bombs - You destroy a big chunk of candies
  • 10 Tokens: Time Power Up – You get 15 seconds added to the round.
Good luck on your mission to save the world’s candies, agent!