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Joker Strike Slots

Joker Strike Slots

Joker Strike Slots

Joker Strike Slot is a spellbinding and simple slot machine that showcases 5-reels with 10 paylines. It was created by top software developer Quickspin and its playable on all devices. Play Joker Striker Slot on mobile, tablet and desktop and benefit from a wide range of rewarding features. On this fast-paced slot game, all of your wins will activate the outer wheel. Watch the light stop and enjoy a strike with more symbols added to the reels for extra wilds. On this fast-paced action game, moving wilds will boost your chances of winning big.

Top Features
  • Joker Strike Feature
  • Hi Roller Mode
  • Hi Roller Features

How to Play

Playing Joker Striker Slot is plain sailing. Pick and choose the size of your bet. Once you’ve chosen the bet that fits your preferences decide whether to click Spin or the AutoPlay Feature. The AutoPlay programmes the game to spin its reels automatically. It is located on the slot interface and is quite handy. To create combinations for potential wins, you’ll find a range of symbols such as the Joker, Bells, lucky 7, hearts, stars, space, club and diamond.

Bet Levels: There are no Bet Levels on this slot machine.

Amount of Paylines Selection: There’s a total of 10 paylines on Joker Striker Slot.

Coin Values: The Bet ranges from 0.10 to 100.00.

Bonus Rounds

Joker Striker Feature
When you get a winning combination on Joker Striker Slot, the outer wheel that surrounds the reel set will launch and this is known as the Joker Striker Feature. The winning symbols will be highlighted on the wheel and anytime the light stops on a winning symbol, you’ll be rewarded with a strike. Then, more winning symbols will be added randomly to the reel set with a new payout to consider. In the event you get a win with a wild joker. The wheel rests on the lit joker, two wild symbols per joker will be added to the reels for mega wins.

Hi Roller Mode
The Hi Roller mode on this online slot will add to your game experience by adding additional features on top of the normal game. The game has 3 various modes to play and each is made up of 5 spins. The box for each mode will display what features will be available.

Hi Roller Features
There are 3 Hi Roller Features on Joker Striker Slot and they are as follow:
  • Guaranteed Wild: During each spin on Joker Striker Slot, a wild symbol is added to the reels by moving clockwise around the reels until they stop.
  • Wild Strike: Two wild symbols are added to the outer wheel of Joker Striker Slot.
  • Double Chance: An extra marker will spin on the outer wheel of the game. It will double your chances of hitting the Joker Striker Feature.
  • Wild Symbol: The Wild on Joker Striker Slot can replace all symbols. They are only found on the outer wheel in Hi Roller modes, comprising of the “Wild Strike” feature. A 5 of a kind win with a Wild is only possible during the Wild Strike Feature.