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For all you iPhone users, you're in luck! Play at the Wicked Jackpots iPhone casino everywhere you go so the fun and the wins never need to end! We know you're busy, out and about, but that doesn't mean you have to leave Wicked Jackpots behind!

Whether you're on your way to your best friend's party or walking home after a late night, play a game or two at the Wicked Jackpots casino for iPhone because, hey, you never know where you may hit the jackpot!

Simply grab your Welcome Package up to £1,100 and use your login details at home, or when you login to the casino on your iPhone. Play your favourite slot and casino games, enjoy hot bonuses and of course wicked big jackpots!

Wicked Jackpots is the site that never sleeps, the party that never ends. Play at the iPhone casino site on the go, anytime, anywhere!