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Monopoly Slingo

Monopoly Slingo

Monopoly Slingo

Throughout the years Monopoly has retained its popularity inspiring game providers like Gaming Realms. Advance to Monopoly Slingo which encapsulates the elements of this all-time favourite board game. This Slingo game was created brilliantly combining both an easy gameplay with familiar features for potential cash prizes. Roll the dice and land on properties to apply multipliers to all prizes in the win ladder.

Top Features
  • Joker
  • Chance/Community Chest
  • Properties
  • Slingo

How to Play

On Monopoly Slingo, you have 7 or 8 rolls to land on properties and eliminate them from the Slingo grid. Select your stakes and click on start. As you land on a property you mark off all the cards of the same colour in that same grid. To move up the win ladder, complete the Slingos. As you roll a double, you’ll be awarded a complimentary roll. When you collect all properties in a set, it applies a multiplier to all prizes on the win ladder. You can choose profile such as Dog, Racing Car, Battleship and T Rex.

Bet Levels: None.

Amount of Paylines Selection: None.

Coin Values: The stake ranges from £0.20 to £25.

Bonus Rounds

When you land on a joker, a card is randomly selected from each property set. The cards are shuffled with the player advancing to the property picked.

Chance/Community Chest:
As you land on a chance or community chest on Monopoly Slingo, it deals a random card from their respective decks. With these cards you can be awarded a get out of jail card, receive a cash prize or you may move around the board or go to jail as well.

On Monopoly Slingo, land on a set of properties to apply multipliers to all the prizes in the win ladder.

During the Monopoly Slingo game, you land on different properties which removes its set from the grid. AS you complete Slingos, you earn cash prizes.