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The Price is Right Slots

The Price is Right

The Price is Right

The Price is Right Slot is an entertaining and exciting game by Slingo Originals. It is an adaptation of the popular TV game – The Price is Right Slot. As you’d expect it to be, this online slot has some action-packed features and interesting bonus rounds for some exciting prizes. The graphics are sleek, and it could be a slot you don’t want to skip as you browse through the game’s lobby.

Top Features
  • Master Key
  • Half Off
  • Plinko

How to Play

The Price is Right Slot uses 3 reels which is why it can be classified as a classic slot. You are required to choose your stakes before you hit on ‘’Spin’’. To start with you get 5 spins of the reels. You’ll have to collect enough bonus symbols during these 5 spins to trigger a bonus game. Do you spot the blank spaces on top of the screen? Each time you amass a symbol for that bonus it fills up. When all the blank spaces are filled up with the symbols of the bonus, you activate the bonus.

Bet Levels: None.

Amount of Paylines Selection: None.

Coin Values: The stakes start at 1 up to 100.

Bonus Rounds

Master Key:
There are 3 safes in the Master Key Round of The Price is Right Slot. Two of these comes with a prize. To find the keys that fit the safes, you’ll have to select from face down cards to get your hands on their prizes. Key 1, 2, 3 and 4 open safe 1, 2, 3 and no safes respectively. Key 5 is the Master Key and it has the power to open all the safes.

Half Off:
This bonus on The Price is Right Slot contains 34 boxes and out of these 4 contain prizes. The interesting aspect of this bonus is that you can eliminate losing boxes and increase your chance of getting a prize. Round One has 2 cards face down, ‘’Half Off’’ eliminates half the boxes from the game and they are all losers. Next, you’ll move to Round Two which is played with 3 cards, ‘’Half Off’’ removes half the boxes. You move to Round Three and the losing card moves you to pick a box. As you choose a box from the remaining boxes and you pick a prize, you’ll enjoy a cash amount.

On The Price is Right Slot the Plinko is an interesting feature. You’ll have to earn some chips that you’ll place into the board when the game comes to an end. The objective is to get a prize. Anytime a chip lands on the prize section, the prize is yours. If you’ve got no chips, the feature will end automatically. The game plays out Round One, Round Two and Round Three with its own set of rules.